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RanMusi is an Bahamian-American singer-songwriter. His name arose due to his first name Randell and the love and passion for music which was identity forming the name RanMusi. RanMusi is a Tampa native born and raised with a Christian background. Raised in the church his passion for singing was formed from being forced to sing to wanting to sing on his own. He began composing songs by age 12 after a traumatic experience losing his family home in a fire. He credits Destiny’s Child’s 2001 summer smash hit album “Survivor” for pulling him through that tough time, which birth the passion of his songwriting skills. Through the years he took music very serious and in 2019 began his artist journey. Experiencing some success under his first stage name “Dell”,  he found it hard to stand out as there was so many other artist with the same name all having a different message. He then went back to his roots, trusting God he formed the name we all know and love RanMusi. With the success of hit singles, EP’s, live open mics, & and his debut album he is truly making his presence known in the Tampa Bay Area! While he is working on his next hit, jam sessions for  inspiring singers, song writers, and special events are currently available. To find out what the hype is all about drop in for a chat, let’s make Musi Magic! Peace, Love, & Happiness!

“Life can be hard at times, but you have to keep up the fight if you ever want to see The Growth Within”

– RanMusi

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